輕松有限公司 CHING SUNG CO., LTD 電木射出成型加工
輕松有限公司 CHING SUNG CO., LTD 電木射出成型加工
公司簡介 / ABOUT US
Ching Sung is founded on the concept of ”Doing what the customer needs in the right way is the guarantee of quality”.

製造項目有電木射出成型、BMC、尿素、複合材料 ( 熱固性塑膠 )、塑膠複合材料、ABS、 PBT、 PC、NYLON 射出成型加工及模具設計製造開發。承製商品 : 開關、瓦斯旋鈕、家電配件、插頭、插座、把手、保險絲、電機零件、汽車零件、五金零件、電子零件、電腦配件。

We specialized in Compression molding, Transfer molding and Injection molding. Our production line covers PHENOLIC MOLDING COMPOUND, Bakelite, BMC, Urea and other related thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PBT, PC, NYLON injection molding and molding design manufacturer.
Parts we produce: Electronic, electric machinery, I.T, automobile industry, hardware and home appliances ( Gas knobs, stove handles, iron handles, etc. Welcome ODM and OEM.

1984 成立輕松有限公司
established Ching Sung Co., Ltd
1989 成立 Serene International Corporation (菲律賓廠)
established Serene International Corporation